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Hazardous Materials & Hazardous Waste Services


Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) TSDF Permitting and Compliance Services

FCI has extensive experience in permitting and regulatory compliance requirements for full RCRA Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) facilities. This experience includes permit renewal management, managing Class I-III Permit Modifications, Closure Plan writing, Financial Assurance Cost Estimating, Operating Record Development, and others. We also have been involved in the closure of two large RCRA facilities, that resulted in major cost savings for our clients. Our excellent relationships with regulatory agencies, and our previous experience resulted in major cost savings for facilities.

Permit by Rule, Conditionally Authorized, Conditionally Exempt Permitting and Compliance Services

We provide compliance and permitting support for California’s PBR, CA, and CE facilities. FCI staff have prepared Tiered Permitting Checklists/Assessments, as well as managed the compliance requirements associated with these facilities. We’ve also managed and directed the closure of Conditionally Authorized facilities, including those with sophisticated pH, settling, flocculation, precipitation, and filtering technologies.

RCRA Facility Corrective Actions and Unit Closures

FCI’s principal has been involved in managing RCRA Corrective Action since 1992, and has successfully closed many sites under this program. These closures have allowed facilities to substantially reduce operating costs and remove the Financial Assurance burdens for several clients. FCI has also prepared Groundwater Demonstration Reports that successfully eliminated groundwater concerns during facility closures. FCI’s principal has also been involved in negotiations for Corrective Action Consent Agreements (CACA) with DTSC at several sites in California.

Hazardous Materials Business Plans and Startup Facility Support

FCI prepares Hazardous Material Business Plans (HMBP) for clients that fulfill California’s Hazardous Materials Release Response Plans and Inventory law (from AB2185),the State and Federal Requirements for the Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), and other regulations typically managed by local regulatory agencies.

We also provide consulting services for startup facilities-and for new purchasers of existing facilities–that need technical support for hazardous material and waste compliance. Hazardous material and waste regulations are complicated and can be confusing. We develop integrated programs to ensure compliance with applicable environmental programs.

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