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Site Investigation & Remediation Services


Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

FCI prepares ASTM compliant Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for both buyers and sellers of commercial and industrial properties. We’ve provided services of this type in California and Hawaii for a variety of property types. Our experience and knowledge of the major high profile CERCLA and RCRA sites in the greater San Francisco Bay Area provides an advantage to our clients for those acquiring or divesting property in this region. We also conduct field investigations involving drilling and sampling to determine if contaminants are present in soil and groundwater as part of our assessment services.

Property Transaction Services & Due Diligence Support

We provide professional environmental services for our clients at many stages during property transactions. We can provide a wide spectrum of property transaction services, from initial consultation through closing. We also offer diligence services to confirm that key assets, such as existing permits and authorizations, are in place and can be transferred to a new purchaser. As specialists in regulatory permitting and compliance, our experience in permit diligence sets us apart from other firms offering only Phase I and II services. If contamination is suspected, we can provide reasoned and defensible cost estimates to quantify the costs of cleanup and develop means to manage these risks. FCI’s principal maintains certification as a California Professional Geologist, Certified Hydrogeologist, and is a Class II Registered Environmental Assessor.

Facility Demolition, Decommissioning, and Site Closure Services

FCI’s experience includes providing environmental consulting services for the demolition of industrial properties, including power plants. We provide permitting support, specification writing, and prepare technical guidance for proper management of hazardous materials and wastes. These materials include commonly found contaminants such as lead, asbestos, mercury, PCBs, and other potential contaminants that need to be addressed as part of the facility physical demolition.

We also provide technical guidance and inspection services for managing potential soil and groundwater contamination following the physical demolition. These services include preparing work plans, providing guidance for physical contractors, developing post demolition analytical testing programs, and related services needed to manage environmental liabilities in soil and groundwater. We also prepare pre-demolition soil management and grading plans typically required by agencies as part of the permitting process.

Underground Storage Tank Removal/Closure Services

FCI provides UST Closure professional services, including Closure Plan preparation, soil and groundwater sampling, and Closure Report preparation. We’ve provided environmental and geologic services for over forty UST removals, and have established good relationships with the regulatory agencies who oversee these projects. We also certify tanks have been properly decontaminated, and successfully negotiate closure conditions on behalf of our clients.

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