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Power Generation Environmental Services


FCI ‘s experience in California Power Generation environmental issues is extensive, and includes over 18 years of hands-on experience in generation specific issues for a variety of power generation types. FCI provides environmental support for most major types of power generation, including fossil, hydro, geothermal, biomass, and nuclear facilities. Our experience and understanding of the environmental issues in the power generation industry provides a competitive benefit for our clients.

FCI’s principal was formerly an environmental coordinator at a large steam generation facility, and subsequently was a technical expert in environmental issues for a diverse power generation fleet that included fossil, hydro, and geothermal facilities. Moreover, FCI’s principal was closely involved in the 1997-2000 restructuring of the electric utility industry in California, including the divestiture of the power generation assets, while employed by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Subsequent activities included managing the remediation portfolio of retained liabilities for the divested steam generation fleet, and interfacing with the new owners and developers.

Our services include providing environmental support for wastewater discharges and NPDES programs, Oil Spill Response and SPCC Plan development, RCRA and Hazardous Waste Management, Industrial and Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, tank installations and removals, air quality permitting, and program management of environmental projects. We are also very familiar with surface impoundment operations and permitting for managing combustion and metal cleaning wastes, as well as management and remediation of historical release or legacy sites at generation facilities. Our staff also includes specialists in Continuous Emission Management Systems (CEMS), Air Toxics, Risk Management Programs, and Greenhouse Gas Reporting.

Acquisitions and Divestiture Support Services

In addition to environmental support for existing power generation facilities, FCI has demonstrated expertise in providing diligence support for investors considering power generation facility acquisitions or divestiture. This experience includes providing expert services in quantifying liabilities, permitting and compliance diligence, and permit transfer requirements. We also prepare defensible cost estimates for environmental liabilities that are critical to transaction valuation. Our network of regulatory agency contacts and our experience in permit transfers provides a significant benefit for our clients.

Power Generation Program Development

Generating power involves many facets of environmental compliance including air and water quality, hazardous materials and waste, risk management, land use, and others. Using our experience in power generation environmental compliance, we develop comprehensive programs to help owners track and manage these complex requirements. These programs include sub program descriptions, summaries of key requirements, metrics, benchmarking information, industry standard practices, and other strategic tools for cost effective and efficient compliance.

Facility Decommissioning

Our experience in environmental issues involved with decommissioning power generation facilities is also another advantage we provide our clients. This experience includes the decommissioning of several fossil and geothermal facilities in California. Most decommissioning projects involve substantial permitting and compliance challenges; our clients can benefit from both our experience in plant decommissioning, as well as our understanding of power generation operations.

New Generation Permitting and Start Up Compliance Services

FCI has also been involved in new facility permitting and for providing compliance support for construction and plant start-up for power generation facilities. Our familiarity with the permitting agency process, our experience in negotiations with agencies in environmental matters for power generation owners, and our strong understanding of generation operations provides significant benefits for our clients.